Undermountain Unbound

And the vision goes to...

“It appears that not only have I had a vision in my meditation, but so have my companions. All of in the same evening. Wicken blinding light and the screaming of the other halflings tore me away from mine. This ring I saw so clear as day I believe to one of Halister’s Horned rings. Our group headed for Waterdeep and there we took on a couple quests. But not before Alton Hillshire and Vyrson Von Tachsa had a drinking match and both ended up drunk.

The rest of us, after finding an Inn, took off for the streets with the dwarf. If I had known he was going to cause a rukus, I may have stayed and meditated. He, the crazy bastard, went down an ally and loudly annouced he didn’t know what to do with all the gold he was carrying. Of course a few thieves appear and Alton Hillshire foolishly believed Gromske Steelwill was going to give him the money. Alton Hillshire noticed them before one got a hit on the fooly hearty dwarf and swung at him. Tired of leaning on the wall at the end of the ally, I sent a magic missle down the way and after the second hit with another missle, he was dead.

The fight didn’t last long and a shadowed voice started talking to us. Rather to Gromske Steelwill and warned us not to venture into to many more of ‘his’ allys. Of course Gromske Steelwill wanted to go into more after that but I think the knowledge of needing sleep before the next day was enough for him. I suppose we will be stepping on this shadows toes again and probably soon, but hey, that better for another day.

Before these quests I went to all the information I could of Undermountain, its famous staircase and Halister. Not a whole lot is known but what I found is slightly disturbing. The Elders seem to think something of the catastophic nature is about to happen in Undermountain and will spill over into the areas. Halister is known as the “Mad-Mage of the Undermountain” and has been bringing monsters from all the realms to the Undermountain. Either for play, experiments, protection or some other unkown reasons. Anyway you look at it, it doesn’t sit well for the rest of us around. The others all split to find information for themselves and gather supplies. The tracker, Vyrson Von Tachsa, went for supplies after finding the contacts for the quests we have undertook. Alton Hillshire, the male halfling twin, went with him. Yes, I am actually traveling with Halflings. Surprised myself even. When he came back to the bar we were to reconvine, his sister was on her third breakfast. Gromske Steelwill the drawven campanion we picked up was telling anyone and everyone of his dream when Alton Hillshire walked in to get his sister.

Alton Hillshire really wanted to find his parents so he asked the bar owner where he purchased the meat for his bar. Turns out the place was three doors down. Off the two went and when they returned they were really excited. Poor Gromske Steelwill didn’t even understand Afton Hillshire in her excitment! I translated and the rest of us followed the small ones to the shop of their parents. The other meat monger said they hadn’t been there in three weeks. The shop was in good order mostly except for the spoiled meat. Their living quaters upstairs, well, that was a different story. Definatly a struggle there. There were no clues for our tracker to figure out more than there must have been three to four men and the halfling parents put up a fight or were man handled severly. They did not leave on their own accord.

We left back to the bar to take our journey in the bar owner’s bucket to the Undermountain. Several warnings were placed on the wall from others along with a few gloats from dwarf and a snide remark from an elf. On the way down and even walking through the tunnel to the open room I wasn’t nervous or afraid of any of the warnings. I am a warmage after all, but when I felt the magic drain from my bones, I knew we were in trouble.

We got a map from a woman and her two bugbears and started off following Vyrson Von Tachsa when the pillar behind us came to life, headed straight for us. My magic gone and Gromske Steelwill’s gone as well, we were of no real help. He brought his sword back to hand however, but it did nothing to this woman from the pillar. The halflings tried but their weapons meerly bounced off. Vyrson Von Tachsa tried and in return ended up on the floor unconscious until Alton Hillshire revived him. I was going to throw one of my acid potions on her but decided to flee with the others instead. Good thing to because when we started down another hallway, she went back to her pillar form and to the center of the room. I feel the magic coming back to me now, but wonder what more adventure and danger await us.” -Gheahlea Strompet Undermountain, day 1 of many in the dark



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