Vyrson Von Tachsa

A dirty blond-haired, green-eyed young man of average height with the poise of a merchant, the eyes of a martialist, and the heart for the wild.

Character Details
Alignment: Neutral Good
HP 75 Armor Class 27 (16-T/24-F)
Initiative +6 Speed 40 fpr
3787 GP, 142 SP, 1 CP Encumbered 88.06/300 (Light)
Class Details
Levels Ranger: 6
Tempest: 2
Experience 22,780/??000
Weapons Attack Damage Critical Socketed
“Undead Bane” Longsword +2
(Main Hand)
+16/ +11 1d8+9 19-20/x2 Shock: +1d6 lightning
Fire: +1d6 fire
Short Sword +2
(Off Hand)
+16/ +11 3d4+5 17-20/x2 Keen: Critical threat range x2
Tiger Eye: Initiative +2, +1d4 acid
Acid Burst: +1d6 acid [crit— +1d10 acid]
Masterwork Composite Longbow
+13 1d8+3 20/x3
(Unarmed) +15 1d3+9 20/x2
Armor Type AC Modifier Max DEX Armor Check Penalty
Elven Leafweave Chainmail +2 (Worn) Light +7 +3 -2
Animated Light Steel Shield +2 (Worn) Shield +3 - -
Attack Stats Saves
Attack Base +8 Fortitude +11
Attack (Melee) +7, +7 Reflex +10
Attack (Range) +8 Will +5
Grapple +15
Attributes (Modified) Modifier
STR 19(25) +7
DEX 18 +4
CON 14 +2
INT 12 +1
WIS 13(12) +1
CHA 10 +0
Ranger Details
Favored Enemies Humanoid (Humans) +2
Undead +4
Combat Styles Two-Weapon Fighting
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
Spells Level 1: 2
Tempest Details
Tempest Defense +1 bonus to AC
Ambidexterity Reduce two-weapon penalties to -3/ -3, and -1/ -1 for light off hand weapons
Skill Ranks Modifier (Armor Mod) Total
Appraise - +1 +1
Balance - +4(-4) +0
Bluff - +0 +0
Climb 4 +4(-4) +4
Concentration - +2 +2
Diplomacy - +0 +0
Escape Artist - +0 +0
Forgery - +1 +1
Gather Information - +0 +0
Handle Animal - - -
Heal - +1 +1
Hide - +4(-4) +0
Intimidate - +0 +0
Jump - +4(-4) +0
Knowledge: Dungeoneering 2 +1 +3
Knowledge: Geography 3 +1 +4
Knowledge: Nature 3 +1 +4
Listen 4 +1 +5
Move Silently - +4(-4) +0
Ride - +4 +4
Search 4 +1 +5
Sense Motive - +1 +1
Spot 4 +1 +5
Survival 4 +1 +5
Swim 2 +4(-8) -2
Use Rope 2 +4 +6
Combat Reflexes
Armor Proficiency (Light)
Martial Weapon Proficiency – All
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon Proficiency – All
Background Info
Gender Male
Age 25
Height 5’8"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Dirty Blond
Eyes Green
Skin Fair
Languages Common
Hometown Chorenhavr

Vyrson Von Tachsa is not a terribly imposing individual, but his features are sharp; narrow chin and jawline, curved prominent nose, and a studious glare. One would think he is a quite serious individual upon first glance, but he is rather quick-witted and enjoys a clever joke. Vyrson’s face rarely portrays much more than deep thought, for the young man’s mind is always racing with any number of separate threads. Vyrson has always preferred to surround himself with a few close individuals, but has been known to occasionally hit the tavern for some fun and reckless abandon.

Born and mostly raised in the trade hub city of Chorenhavr, Vyrson is the son of Seshvyr Von Tachsa, a wealthy fine textiles merchant and gambling addict. In early adolescence, Vyrson grew weary of his father’s obsession and consequential absence and wanted nothing more than to ditch his familial duty to his father’s business. He enjoyed the outdoors greatly and spent most of his time working or dodging work in the fresh, outdoor air. To Vyrson, there was nothing more invigorating than getting his hands dirty with any manner of open air workout.

In spite of his father, Vyrson began to regular the pit fights of his hometown, first watching, but later participating. He became quickly renowned as a quick study and a fierce amateur knife and shortsword fighter in the pits, but Vyrson’s interests departed the pits when he finally tired of his opponents’ foolish pride constantly forcing him to bring the youngsters ever closer to death before they would admit defeat.

Turning to a more graceful sport, he took up fencing for a short while, and then heavy lance and halberd fighting, and so on until he became proficient in all simple and martial weapons. His short time with the town guard afforded him training in practical and technical uses for shields in both one-on-one and shoulder-to-shoulder line fighting. A local archery fair turned him on to that elegant sport as well. Spending only a few days time with a discarded bow he recovered from the fair, he mastered his own technique and won third prize at the fair-closing tournament.

Using the gold won via his newly acquired bow skills, Vyrson set off towards the Sword Coast, hoping to find work and a new adventure on the ocean. His first job in the pirate city Luskan was a deckhand position for a black market goods runner vessel. Before the ship even left port, his Captain Teggereth was confronted by an old colleague he had betrayed in the interest of profit. The Captain’s colleague and the friends he brought with him were hostile, intent on exacting revenge in the payment of blood. Together with his Captain’s fancy right-hand swashbuckler fighting, the lefty Vyrson boldly cut down enemy after enemy until the assailants met the end of his longsword, and subsequently the barnacle-crusted floor of the bay.

Proud of his fighting, but shaken at the prospect of having taken the lives of men, Vyrson gracefully departed the ship and the deckhand position before ever leaving the docks, much to the disappointment of the impressed Captain Teggereth. After puttering around the city still reeling from the pirate ship encounter for the better part of a long, humid week, Vyrson finally stumbled upon an interesting group of individuals. They struck up a deal and joined forces, their journey ultimately leading them south to the gargantuan city of Waterdeep.

Vyrson Von Tachsa

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